Monday, 9 July 2012

ARLES, France

We have a family visiting from Seattle right now, 
and they blessed Tonio and I with a little trip into Provence, 
about 2.5 hours away from Nice.  

Thank you Volk family for this fun get-a-way.

Roman Colosseum

They have bull fights here in July/August.
{the non-killing-the-bull kind}

I know I always say it, but it reminded me of Disneyland. =)

A conceptual art exhibition, sand dunes, moon, astronaut, weird music.

The city of Arles.

Dang, it's old.

An ancient amphitheatre.

The craftsmanship so many years ago.

31 year-old feet on a thousand year-old ruin.

Our cute little bed & breakfast.

Tonio and I had pains au chocolat at this bakery - I liked their company car.

Catholic Church of Arles.

And the City Hall.

Thanks for taking a little walk through town with us.
Arles is just north of the Camargue region, west of Nice.


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