Friday, 22 March 2013

home sweet {Agoura} home

these past few days

 à bientôt Nice

 hallo Switzerland

 ran into Scott Cunningham in Switzerland

 Hello California !
{surf time with Papa}

 the longboards

 County Line

 Uncle Mark saw us on his drive to work =)

I {heart} County

 Chipotle - oh how i miss burritos

 a walk with my momma...

 ...and the three rug rats =)
{bandit, cody, bailey}

day 2 of surfing

 surf bus
{rented a mini van - yes !!!}

 seb can't wait

the love birds in the back of the bus

VzJv_7 on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs
we're going surfin' !!!

 my husband lookin' good in a wetsuit

 my daddy

 Starbucks in Malibu after surf day 3

enjoying every moment
thankful to be with my husband and my family


as of today, we are all here !!!
Chels flew in last night - let the wedding begin in 7 days !
Sarah and Tanner, we are sooooooo excited for you guys.


  1. Seb is rockin it hard core with no thermal protector for his fingers! I guess French pilots are just that rugged ;)

    1. I an NOT unknown!!! I am Lisa Couch!!! I told you this mysterious world wide web!