Friday, 10 June 2016

Musée des Beaux Arts, Nice

We went to THIS museum with our free pass.
So far, we've done 5 of the 14 free museums in Nice.
Since I live in Nice, I got a free pass for 3 years!
So thankful.

Daphné pretending to be shy under a painting of the Daphne Nymph.

Such a ham.

C'mon mom.

Big huge windows in the museum.  She had so much scooting around on their super waxed floors!

Marble staircase.

Enjoying her bottle...

...with this view, the "backyard" of the museum.

Doing things like this with our baby girl makes me thankful I can, and makes being far from my family just a tiny itsy bitsy less difficult, but it's still hard.  I wish Grandpa Tim and Grandma Kathy could hug and snuggle Daphné whenever they wanted.  On a brighter note, they will be here in 6 days!!!!  I'm not excited or anything!!!!

Love Linz

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