Tuesday, 1 October 2013

answered prayer: horses

One month ago, I prayed for an opportunity to ride a horse.
You can see my journal entry here, dated August 31st.
It had been 3 years since I last rode.

God heard my prayer and responded through my friends Sandra and Jean.
They had no idea I prayed this, but God did, and He loves to bless His kids.
August 15th, Sandra invited me to go with her in a couple weeks to ride.
August 29th, we went riding !!!

 Meet Fiston and Franska.

 Meet Paul, the owner of the horses, and all around crazy cowboy.

 Wet Fiston (he's a boy).

 Me and Sandra = Happy.

 Bareback just after the rain.

 The other girls were fun, some in junior high, some in high school.

Sandra just had a baby (Gabriel - 4 months); I'm glad she's back on a horse.  So is she =).

 THIS is France.

 And this is France by horseback.

 Thankful.  It's hard to express my joy.  Thank you Jesus.

 Franska (she's a girl).


 Beautiful Sandra.

 Sandra, Alice, Friend and Victoire.

 And meet Bingo, a rescue dog that can outrun the horses.  He's so cute.

 Another round.

 Ready to gallop up the hill.

 Gabriel, the future Niçois cowboy.

 More of the crew.

 Jean, Sandra's husband, Gabriel's daddy.

 Me on a little walk with Ilana and Victoire.

In awe of my Creator, the One who made me, made the beauty around us, and made horses.

Do you have a dream like this?  Small?  BIG?  Have you talked to God about it?

God is not a magical genie in a bottle.  He is GOD.  He is GOOD.

 HE wants to know you.  He wants YOU to know Him.

 I'm just blown away at how He is forever faithful.  I'm rich because I have Him in my life.

This day was just a little glimpse of Heaven for me.  Your glimpse might look different.
But all in all, I believe Heaven is a reality, and I know I am going there.
I can't wait !!! Are you sure you will be there?  I hope you are.
It's going to be awesome, and I love that God gives us little previews...

like today...
...spending time with this precious family...

...and enjoying a desire of my heart, riding horses !

I'm sure you already picked up on it,
but I'm so thankful for today.
For me, yes, but I'm also glad I could share it with you.
Not just for the reason of horses, but mostly to share that I have a God who loves me and who loves you too.  I do hope you get to know Him and surrender your life to Him.  There is no greater joy I've experienced !!!

I hope you enjoyed this day with me,
Love Linz

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