Friday, 28 July 2017

Pool days

We are so thankful to know people with pools!  Here are some pictures from two different pool days.

Here we are in our little pop-up tent outside the pool at our friend's place.  She lives in a beautiful residence with a beautiful pool - a place that I am praying we can move one day.  Don't you love Daphné's face?!  Haha!!!


This little pool has a really great ramp into the water.

She can be totally autonomous!

Smile into the sun!

So wonderful to be in the water. 

And below is another trip with Mamie to visit Rob and Cricri in Antibes, who have a beautiful pool in their residency.

Fun with Mamie!

So thankful for their relationship.

Mamie and Cricri.


In the little pool.

After a day at the pool.

Love Linz

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  1. Praying with you still for a place you FOUR can call "home"! Je t'aime!!