Monday, 14 December 2015

Christmas music 2015

It's about time for my 3rd annual Christmas music recommendations!  For some of you, I know you would have probably appreciated to get this in October =).  Just bookmark it for next year!

See my list from 2013 and from 2014.

And this year, I'm absolutely loving Spotify's Holiday Playlists.  I've imbedded 3 lists for you to listen to right here on the blog! (thanks to my talented husband who knows all about geeky computer fanciness)  Happy listening!  You'll need to have Spotify already on your computer.  Get it HERE.

1) Pop Christmas (I like to dance with Daphné in our living room while listening)...

2) Folksy Christmas (you'll either love it or not at all)...

3) and Christmas is Coming (a fun, wide variety of popular tunes)...

I think my all-time favorite Christmas album will always be A Charlie Brown Christmas
Happy listening!

Love Linz

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