Thursday, 7 July 2016

Grandma & Grandpa (Day 4)

Kid City with Daphné

Queen of the mountain.

From my sweaty face, you can tell it's humid.

Perfect little play area for her.

Hey gals!  (Mom, sorry to spoil it, but you're a bit over 18 months-old). =)

That's going to be a short slide for Grandma.

Building blocks.

And one of my favorites... so sweet, just chillin' with Grandma.

Discussing the finer things of life.

In the dark ball area.

There's a proud Grandma watching.

She even matched the balls... wearing orange and yellow today.

Ta-da!  So happy.  She would dive head first and come up giggling.

Then, we took a trip to a sports store, and Grandpa took over.  I'm not quite sure what he's doing here... Daphné doesn't care... she's with her Gang-gang!

So classic.  Love these two!!!

Love Linz

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