Thursday, 7 July 2016

Grandma & Grandpa (Day 3)

On day 2 of Gang-gang and Gang-gang's visit, Daphné had a pretty high fever, so when she woke up feeling chipper, we were so thankful!!!

A trip into town with her new besties!

Saying bye at the window... it's tradition!

Daphné is on cloud nine! (And so are they!)

Mmmmmm... croissants and pains au chocolat.

Walking down to the beach... my two favorite men =).

Daughter-Mama selfie.

This pool is a hit!  Look at that sweetie with her Grandma.

And the Grandpas!!!  All gaga over their little princess granddaughter.

We usually take this selfie after a surf sesh in California, but the French Riviera will do for now ;).

Nancy and my mama (Tonio legs photo bomb).

Floaty floaty... super salty here.  And Tonio's legs made it again.  He was snorkeling.

Kissing my baby.

Walking with Tonton.

Flexie Feet.

Getting our picnic on.

Daphné, where's your belly button?

The whole gang... Daphné still checking out her belly.

I love my mama and daddy so much!!!

Daphné's face on this one takes the cake.

Come on mom!

Let me go!

I'm a bit jealous at how dark this chica is.  I will forever be a white girl hiding from the sun.


It's also tradition!!!  Daphné is not too into it yet.  She will be, don't worry.

I thank God for my family, especially when they are close!!!! =)

Love Linz

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