Saturday, 9 July 2016

Grandma & Grandpa (Day 5)

I hope you are all enjoying the daily documentation of events with Grandpa Tim and Grandma Kathy!  I'm enjoying keeping you up-to-date.  Day 5 (July 8th) was another fun one : mellow morning, lunch at a restaurant with Tonton Seb and a beach dinner picnic at the Mediterranean Sea with the whole gang.  We are thankful.

My mom looked at me the other day, and said, "Every once in a while I stop and think, 'We're on the French Riviera!"  So glad they came to experience summer with us.

A sleepy girl.  Grandma and Grandpa are keeping her nice and worn out.  Dang, she's looking so huge in her stroller!

A visit to the guitar shop with Grandpa.

And can't forget the pictures with the Harley Davidsons.

And a red one.  Daphné calls all motorcycles "moto" with a very cute little French girl accent.  My parents are getting a kick out of her.

Afternoon nap time.  Mommy and baby are both wiped.  I look gigantic, and she looks so cute and tiny.

Tonio wanted to join, but we hogged the whole bed.


Sitting like a big girl in Mamie's beach chair.

The grandparents in the water.

You think they're brothers?

I love this little angel!

Living in a dream right now.  My parents are here!!!  Pinch me.

Daddy with his water girl.

There were nice little ankle high waves.  Ha!

Papi, Mamie, Daphné, Grandpa and Grandma.

Grandpa Tim shuttling the water princess around (and not having any fun... enter sarcastic tone).

Nothing like picnics at the beach.  Look at those proud grandparents!  Daphné and her subjects.

She's officially 18 months-old, and she's taking a couple steps here and there... finally!

She loves her Gang-gang and Gang-gang (she uses the same word for both right now.... it's SO cute!)

She knows the word "cookie" AND she knows how to open the cookie box.

Grandpa Tim in his happy place at the sea with one of his little princesses (we can't forget Eisley and Rowyn).


And story time with Gang-gang before bed =).

When it all boils down, family is just the best!  I thank God for blessing me with such an amazing family, the blood ones and the married-in ones ;).

Love Linz

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