Sunday, 24 July 2016

Grandma & Grandpa (Day 15)

The day before Grandma and Grandpa left.  We had a nice walk into town, then a lovely picnic at the beach as our grand finale.

Here Daphné displays her skills of organizing.  I plan to do a blog post with pictures of what she has ordered, lined up, stacked, etc.... She's an engineer's daughter, for sure.

Walking with Grandpa is the best!  He taught her to wave at the trams going bye.

Safe in Grandpa's arms.

Here they are waving.  Daphné now says, "Wave!" followed by the gesture, every time she sees a tram.

On the bus headed down to the Mediterranean Sea.

Me and my mama playing with our girl Daphné.

It's so fun with Grandma!

The famous pool that she absolutely loves.  My parents received orders for 3 pools while they were here, so there are now 3 families in California with these epic made-in-China "French" pools.

Daphné ridding her pool of rocks.  She's kind of a clean freak (like her mom).

In between her 2 grandmas!

Packing up after a wonderful evening together.

This is my man, my handsome, my love.  He's the best!  We noticed the funny background photo after the fact.  And yes, that is Darth Vader on his shirt.  He's riding an old-school bicycle =).

Love Linz

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