Friday, 21 April 2017

Post Card Game

Last year in February 2016, I launched a FaceBook game of sorts.  I said the first 20 people to reply with OUI will be sent a blank postcard to color and send back to me.  There was such a response that I added 20 more postcards to the deal.  Thus, I sent out 40 blank postcards in envelopes all over the world! 

I didn't think I would receive so many, but I got 28 out of 40 back.  That's 70%!!!  And I even got an extra one, designed by Tonio's uncle.  So, if we add extra credit, the grade is 72.5%.  Hehe!  I finally got around to scanning them all.  They are all so unique and beautiful.  Thanks again to all who participated!

Countries represented : Germany, France, USA, Cyprus, South Korea, Switzerland, Finland and Italy.

States represented : California, Tennessee, Florida, Washington, Texas, Georgia, Oklahoma and Montana.

I got my first one back!!! Thanks so much Kari!!! I love the addition of the horse. You crack me up . If there was a prize for the first received, you'd get it!!! -March 16, 2016

Recieved 2 of 40 today! Thanks Aunt Maggie and Jessica!!! So colorful and creative! -March 19, 2016

3 : 40 from Germany .  Thanks Merle for the note and notebook! -March 21, 2016

4 : 40 from Grenoble, France. Thanks so much Becky! If only Paris looked like this. How fun! -March 21, 2016

5 : 40 from Dana Point, California. Thanks Allie! Great verse and fun lettering (wink). -March 23, 2016

 6 : 40 from Pafos, Cyprus.  Artist wishes to remain anonymous, but I know who you are! =) -March 25, 2016

7 : 40 from Nice, France. Hehe. It didn't have to travel too far. Thanks Madeleine! I like the heart-shaped water spot in the sky. -March 25, 2016

8 : 40 all the way from South Korea!!! Thanks to my high school friend Brandy! We haven't seen each other in 16 years, but good old-fashioned snail mail keeps people close. -March 25, 2016

9 : 40 from Chambéry, France by Jimena and 2 of her kids! Thanks so much guys. Creative idea "Lindsey's shoes" - I like my shopping shoes a lot! -March 26, 2016

10 : 40 from Antibes, France. Thanks Anna! Fun idea with the stars. I'm really enjoying receiving all your post cards. Thanks again to all who are playing. -March 30, 2016

11 : 40 from Encinitas, CA. A perfect quote from a friend who has been with me through my best and my worst. I love you Crystal!!! -April 5, 2016

12 : 40 from Nashville, TN from an old hall mate freshman year of Point Loma (circa 1999). We connected immediately when we realized we both spelled our names with an 'e'! Love you Lindsey!!! Notre Dame is beautiful. -April 5, 2016

13 : 40 from Simi Valley, CA from my cousin Stephanie who (a loooong time ago) chaperoned my 8th grade Washington D.C. Trip. Memories and a pen pal for life. Thanks Steph! -April 5, 2016

14 : 40 from Newbury Park, CA from a woman who has never ceased to pray for our family. Thanks so much Lynne for your love and these beautiful flowers! -April 5, 2016

15 : 40 from Oakland Park, FL from my good friend and accountability partner way back when we were students at Potter's Field Ranch Discipleship School in Montana in 2005. I even had the honor of being a bridesmaid in her wedding. Thanks Ashley to you and your sweet little Ava for coloring the verse! -April 6, 2016

16 : 40 from a 3 1/2 year-old from Seattle, WA. Thanks so much Betty (and parents John and Lill) for the beautiful postcard and coloring for Daphné! You're making me hungry, just like your mommy and daddy make me with all the yummy food they post. -April 13, 2016

17 : 40 from Switzerland ! Thanks so much Noëmi for the creative coloring AND the wedding announcement! Félicitations! -April 16, 2016

18 : 40 from Los Angeles, CA from a dear cousin who just had a baby girl not too long ago. Thanks so much Katie! And thanks to you Gabe for working for the USPS! Your job supports one of my favorite hobbies. I like the addition of the cars on the street, airplane, sunshine, hearts and representing LA! -April 22, 2016

18 (and a half) : 40 from Bellingham, WA. Thanks Steve for participating in my postcard game by creating your own! Good idea . Loved the prayer you sent with it. -April 26, 2016

19 : 40 from Sarasota, FL. Thanks Kelly for playing. I like the addition of the cross and the verse! -April 26, 2016

20 : 40 from Culver City, CA. Thanks so much Aunt Caroline and Uncle Larry for this gorgeous rendition of "Under the Paris Skies." We've reached the half way mark! I can't wait to get the rest! You are all making me feel so loved by sending these back! -May 7, 2016

21 : 40 from Bothell, WA from an old high school friend. We hung out at lunch and were even in the same prom group. Thanks Katie for your note, and a big thanks to your talented daughter Annabelle for coloring most of the beautiful dresses! -May 10, 2016

22 : 40 from Abilene, TX from my darling and creative cousin Wyndi! Gotta love Texas. Go big or go home. She transformed this Paris pigeon into the lone star state bird. Ha! Love you cuz. Thanks for the picture of AJ too! -May 11, 2016

23 : 40 from Helsinki, Finland from a precious young woman and professional ballerina! I used to drive her to ballet classes when I lived in Cyprus with her family. I love you Abby. You are stunning inside and out. Keep dancing for the Lord. Thanks for the beautiful cup of coffee . -May 13, 2016

24 : 40 from Kennesaw, Georgia from my friend Nikki Kawasaki, who just might have the coolest last name, the greatest laugh and some pretty mean art skills. This postcard is just a tiny glimpse of this woman's amazing talent. Thanks Nikki! -May 23, 2016

25 : 40 from Newbury Park, CA from my friend I've had the longest, like 30 years!!! Thanks so much Julie for busting out the colored pencils for me. Yes, WHEN you come visit one day, I will take you to taste all of these French confectionery masterpieces. -May 25, 2016

26 : 40 from Florence, Italy from Daphné's great Tata Cricri (short for Christiane) who was on vacation there with her hubby. Daphné's middle name comes from this auntie, and she just started saying "Kikik" today for Cricri . We love you Tata!!! -June 2, 2016

27 : 40 from Tulsa, OK from a very sweet friend that I met in Montana. She's even come to visit me here in France. Thanks so much Paige ! Daphné likes the cow postcard, too. =) -June 29, 2016

28 : 40 from Whitefish, MT from my bestest JoJo! She stood by my side when Tonio and I said "I do" and when I personally went through a dark season of "I can't." I love you Joanna! Thanks for being my friend across the seas.  -September 8, 2016

And to those of you who still have postcards, it's not too late!  You can always send them in, and I can add them onto the blog post. ;)  And don't worry, I can't really remember who all of you are, so I'm not going to be tracking anyone down.  HA!  Like I have time for that.  I barely had time to do this blog post.

Love Linz


  1. C'est génial toutes ces cartes sont juste magnifiques,merci Lindsey ☺👍😘

    1. Merci Madeleine! C'était très amusant pour moi aussi de les recevoir. Bisous xx