Friday, 14 April 2017

Morning in the snow

Two Mondays ago, we headed up to the French Alps for Daphné's first time EVER experiencing snow!  It was delightful!  And it's only 2 hours away... we are so blessed to live where we do.

Can't leave out the gross parking lot slush.

She didn't care.

Oh, but how the squeals of joy came when she first stepped in white, fluffy snow!

Exploring her independence.  See ya Papa.

She's ready for her first sled ride.

I'm so thankful we had this time together as a family.

Walking back up the hill.

Just look at that weather!  (And that man is quite handsome.)

Panoramic view from the top of the sledding hill.

Carrying the bundle of cuteness.

She wore a smile the whole time (just about).

As you can see my Tonio's short sleeves, it was really warm.

Her arms were in front of her face for the picture, so this is her after I said, "Move your arms."  She did move them... too cute!


Going down with Mama.

Family Selfie.

Drive down the mountain.

Stopped at a park for lunch.  "No pictures please."

And then she slept the rest of way home =).  Tired baby girl played hard.

I put all the videos together so you could have a little glimpse into our morning.  Enjoy!

Love Linz

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