Friday, 14 April 2017

Daph Daph

I should rename this blog... HA!  Every once in a while, I do what I like to call a "Daphné Drop."  So many single moments with this little precious being.  Here are a few recent ones all clumped together.

Sometimes she sleeps like this.

She wanted pink toes like mama.

This is a picture of Grandma Kathy, Auntie Chelsey and cousin Rowyn in Mailbu, California.

Chillin' with Papa.

Preparing communion with Mamie.  She'll take another round.

A guy at church took this, and you'll see a striking family resemblance with the photo below.

Taken in December 2016 (me and my friend Crystal).

Enjoying a chair we are looking to buy.  No joke.

Walking with friends.  Maki, Juli, Daphné and Toma.

Giggling at Astor's Papa.

Playing with a plastic puppy, but treating him as if he's real.

And sometimes she sleeps like this.

Tiny tea cups!  She loves all things tiny (and don't tell her, but so does the vacuum cleaner... ha!)

Fries and kebabs with Papi and Papa, while Mama was gone.

She loves herself some French fries (who doesn't?!)

I imagine she's laughing at Papi here.

And this photo beautifully captures her gorgeous eyes!

More laughs.

Our water girl.  She can't get enough.

And sometimes she doesn't sleep.   Tonio told me this was just after he had sneezed and heard, "Bless you Papa" from the other room.  Such a sweet little bug.

 Hanging at Papi's house, while Mamie was gone with me.

Her Papa takes such good care of her.  Five days and four nights without Mama.  I'm so thankful to be married to such an amazing husband and papa to Daphné.

Love Linz

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