Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Paris with the belle-famille

After the ladies retreat, Nancy and I visited Sebastien, my brother-in-law (Nancy's son) in Paris!  Now, I was never one of those girls who ALWAYS dreamed of going to Paris one day.  In fact, I had NO interest whatsoever in Europe.  My sights were always set on Latin America, Australia, New Zealand...  Well, that all changed when I met my handsome Frenchman, Tonio.  And now, I can say from experience (3 visits to Paris now) that it truly is a magical city... to visit.  I'm just glad I don't live here. =)

Seb lives on the top floor, so access to the roof is easy.  Seb was the only smart one with sunglasses. 

Land Ahoy Matey!

Maïna, Seb's sweet gal, giving us the tour of the Paris skyline.  And yes, you can see the Eiffel Tower from the roof.  Pretty cool.

Chillaxin' with the Madre, as Tonio and Sebastien call their mama.

Panoramic view from Seb's balcony.  Not too shabby.

Terrace hangout.

Place de la Bastille.

Selfie while riding a bike 4 months pregnant through the streets of Paris.  One for the books.

Following our fearless leader, Seb.

Now, this picture is special because Pierre, my father-in-law, spent a few years walking through this exact park to get to school everyday.

La Seine.

I was playing paparazzi.

They're so cute, but not as cute as these duckies below.  Hehe.

We saw duckies, and yes, I used my high-pitched, annoying animal voice to talk to them.

Post card views everywhere.

Paris is beautiful in the spring!  Come to think of it, I've only ever visited in the spring.

You know it well.

3 Ladies and the cherry blossoms in front of Notre Dame.

Cherry and almond blossoms really make me happy.

Best bro-in-law ever.  I'm so thankful for Seb!

I'm missing my Tonio here.

All four of us!

I took this picture because of the Petrignani roots to Corsica.

And I took this one for my husband, who really appreciates mosaics.



Talk about lemon meringue.

So many pretty buildings everywhere.

And so much yummy food.  We are eating Udon noodles.

So good!

Brunch before Nancy and I flew back to Nice.

It was such a great time hanging out with Seb, meeting Maïna and enjoying Paris, but I was so excited to get home to my 2 loves waiting for me with hugs and kisses.  Thanks again Seb for hosting us!

Love Linz

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