Friday, 30 December 2016

We love the Sandovals!

Whenever we make it to California, we make it a priority to visit the Sandoval family in Encinitas.  We love them so much!  If you're a steady blog reader, you probably remember my friend Crystal Sandoval surprising me in France!

Daphné jumped right in playing with the boys' toys.

Doll face.

Evan's hat.

Oh man!

Train track with Evan.

Digging in the mud.


TV dinners with the big boys.

Micah photo bomb.

Love him!

My friend.

Laughter from the men.

Oh how I love this photo.

Baby girl.

Always fun with Auntie Crystal.


Our family in our element.

Evan in all his glory.

Micah in all his.

Christmas lights.  Daphné with Micah and Evan.

Petrignani family in lights.

Tea time.


Bare feet.

Best slide!

Date with my man.

Leon and Crystal watched Daphné, while we cruised Encinitas together.

Found these.

 And here is not having any fun at all with her babysitters.

Watching Leon play with Pancho the doggie.

Absolutely love this picture.

"Come here Pan-cho."



So big.

I'm outta here!

Daphné practicing her lettering on the chalk board.

Slide with Micah.

Slide with Maman.

Piano with Crystal and Leon.

Love Linz

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