Saturday, 10 December 2016

New bench

My husband is craftsman in all he does.  And he loves to bless others with his work.  This round, my parents were the lucky recipients!

Tonio designed and built a bench for my dad's outdoor cabana hang out area.

Blank canvas.

Picking the right podcast for proper building vibes.

Night working with a shop light.

Beautiful joints.

And it's starting to look like a bench.

The saw.

Going old school.

And idea of things to come.

Daphné was playing with these little triangles and put them on Papa's bench.

Teething on her whole hand.


And voilà!  Chops the kitty, Daphné and Tonio.

Family photo with Chops.  It's so comfortable.  My parents are stoked.  And so is Tonio.  A very rewarding accomplishment.

Love Linz


  1. Bravo Tonio! Wonderful project and wonderful gift... Where did you get the plans?

  2. love the design of it. love that you're there!