Saturday, 5 November 2016

Mama-Daughter beach time

A special impromptu afternoon with my gal!

For those of you that follow me on instagram or facebook, you've seen the above picture before with a little story behind why this photo is so special to me.  You can read it at the end of this post.*


Feet and a little girl hand.

Croissant on the beach?

Yes please!

Daphné's in a croissant coma.

Our little nook.

Sand is quite rare on the Nice beach, but the fall and winter change the coastline, equaling happy us!

Seagulls - she loves to chase them.

Don't we all?!

Throwing little rocks into the sea.

Nothing like bare toes in the sea in October!
I'm thankful we live here.
It's not always easy,
But days like 
These Help
A lot

Here's a little video of Daphné chasing the seagulls.

*[The beginning] photo captures the light that I knew had to be there in depths of my darkness and depression. My husband asked me what I looked forward to when I got better. And though my hijacked brain believed I sincerely was never getting out of the pit, I forced myself to answer his question. I remember answering with a bit of hesitation but with a genuine belief that hope existed, I said, "Holding hands with my little girl and going to the beach with her." Here we are almost 2 years out, and I can't thank God enough for saving me and our sweet princess. Sharing helps me continue to heal. Thank you for listening.

Love Linz


  1. Love you Linz & your wonderful Baby Daphné & your awesome Husband, Mr T.

    1. Thanks so much Cricri! We are so thankful to have you and Rob in our lives!

  2. favorite post!! croissant coma, sandy shore, feet photo & all... love that we can now experience what seemed at one time near impossible. love you girls!

    1. So cool that you now know what a day in the life of Lindsey looks like! Love you.