Saturday, 26 November 2016

First days in California

I love being with my family!

Early morning time with Grandpa... jet lag helps.  Ha.

Getting into her cousin Rowyn's toys.

Exploring the front yard with Papa.

Sitting on the bench that Tonio redid last summer.

Laughs with Grandma.

Learning to play together.  Cousin love.

I hope these two are best friends one day.

Grandpa and his girls.

Sharing in the bathtub.  After this bath, Chelsey (my sister) and I dressed the girls in the same PJs from Grandma.  My sis said, "It's just like I always dreamed it would be... our girls having bath time together and wearing the same PJs!" (cue warm fuzzies).

Trying on our new wetsuits from my Uncle Chris in Washinton.  Thanks Uncle Chris!

Grandpa can't get enough!  You can see the picture of their cousin Eisley in the background too.  We sure do wish you were with us little pumpkin.  Can't wait to meet you in heaven!

My sweet little bundle of niece-ness.

And here are their same PJs!

So cute.

A tired little jet lagged Daphné.

Love Linz

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