Monday, 6 October 2014

Visits from friends

It was kind of a bizarre week of visitors... 
First 2 were coming from Vienna, Austria, Nate and Danny.  Well, Danny missed his train to the airport, so we only had Nate (below).  Second 2 came from Karlsruhe, Germany, Wolfgang and Ilana.  They were planning to stay Thursday to Monday (today), but had to leave early due to a family emergency on Friday =(. 

We made the most of both visits - thanks for coming guys!
Tonio, me and Nate.

Dinner with friends : Elodie, Marie-Pierre, Nathan, Matias, Tonio and me (not pictured : Nathalie, Mark and Nate).

In town with Nate / Notre Dame / Socca with rosé and diablo menthe (don't worry, I didn't drink any wine... bébé sure did love the Socca though).

And us with our friends Wolfgang and Ilana - wished we could have had more time with them.

Sweet gift from W & I.  They brought me Bald Mami Tee, which I have since learned means "Soon-to-be Mommy Tea" in German.  Love it.  I hear that I'll lose quite a bit of hair after the birth, so this tea will be right up my ally... ha !!!

We are thankful for the friends God has given us.

Love Linz

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