Saturday, 11 October 2014

New Baby Check-Wish List

This is a post for expecting or new mommies !
Tonio and I are having a baby soon [due : January 4, 2015], so I decided to glean some wisdom from current, experienced, hip mommies that I know... I do not speak from experience, so I'm trusting those that have gone before to enlighten us all.

This is {just an overview of} what they told me.  A combo of helpful items.  I included the things that were repeated and that I thought might be useful for others.  In all honesty, as one of my really good friends told me,  "All a baby really needs is diapers, a bed and a boob."  HaHa !  So true, but perhaps this list can add some variety to the everyday necessities.  ENJOY !


1) Ginger chews (for nausea)
2) Burt's Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter (for the stretching tummy)
3) Breast pads - disposable or washable (during breastfeeding)
4) Maxi pads & Witch hazel pads (after the birth) - great link for postpartum healing pads


1) ERGO Baby Carrier or Boba Baby Carrier
2) Aden + Anais Swaddle Blankets
3) Boppy Pillow
4) Moby Wrap
5) Miracle Blanket

6) Hand Breast Pump
7) Gowns / Sleep Bags
8) Nose Frida "The Snot Sucker"
9) Baby Bouncer
10) Coconut oil for "butts, hair everything"

11) Mustela Baby Shampoo
12) Gripe water
13) Bumbo seat
14) White noise machine

Quotables : you've gotta read these !!! 

Baby Weight
"Fight the culture confusion by your behaviour and verbally opposing the silly idea that 'getting fat' and growing a baby are the same thing. I celebrated my pregnancy pounds! It's beautiful and honestly a honour to carry a child, remember that as your body changes." -a.

Just BEFORE Birth
"The best advice I was given (hands down) was two weeks before I had [my first kid] was this: Stop reading baby/birthing books. Tune in to your body and pray. This helped me sooooo much because... there are way too many opinions, products, and “what ifs” when it comes to babies—pregnancy is the first step to learning about what little control you actually have in this life. God is in control and He will carry you through." -i.

Just AFTER Birth
"You don't need much at first, it's all eat/sleep/poop...;)" -q.

"Breastfeed.  It will be so.damn.hard. for 3 months, but then you will be so thankful." -m.
"Scrub your nipples in the shower with a washcloth to get them ready for nursing." -k.  [This one has been considered a wive's tale, but the person who shared it never had any cracked or sore nipples with nursing 3 kids, so take it or leave it.]

"Every baby parent dreams of them in the middle of the night when they are 100% insane as they attempt to get the right and left snaps of the tiny tiny baby crotch to match up.  It takes like a bagillion hours and they NEVER match up.  The next morning le petit bébé looks like they've been partying with Steven Tyler.  Get.  Gowns.  Boys.  Girls.  Whatevs.  Get Gowns.  Your 3 weeks in with a newborn and totally insane self thanks you." -c.

Diaper Bags
"Diaper bags are dumb.  Use a nice large bag or backpack in my opinion.  Get something [your husband] wants to carry too.  A bag with a long strap is much easier to wear over one shoulder/across your chest along with a baby carrier." -m.

"The best thing to do is to be shameless at a store...and take down every stroller on display, push it around the store a bit and open and close it. Pay attention to how it is to handle one handed, how it turns, do your feet hit the base when you walk fast and how easy it is to open and close. Remember you'll be doing all this with a baby in your arms an a diaper bag on your back. This is not a place to save money." -l.

Thanks for reading.
This helped us get some of the basics.  Many of the big items like strollers, beds, baths, etc... have been given to us, so we focused on what I could cram into a suitcase THREE suitcases home from California back to France.

I hope you found this helpful.  Please comment if you'd like to add anything.  I'm sure future mommies like myself will appreciate the feedback.  And a big thank you to all my friends and family who contributed.  Perhaps one of your items or quotes made the list =).

Love Linz

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