Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Cinque Terre

surprise !!!

my incredible husband planned a surprise trip for our 3rd anniversary
i knew we were going 'somewhere', but didn't know where

once the GPS showed a steady line along the italian coast, i knew...

Cinque Terre !!!


La Spezia

Riomaggiore (our home base, not too shabby)

view from our balcony // picture of our room

Manarola (our favorite)

rock man? // yes, i used a "vivid color" setting - bam !

Monterosso al Mare

windy? yes, it was

La randonée entre Monterosso et Vernazza

Vernazza (most well-known)


Riomaggiore (encore)

our hotel is just left of the center of the photo // driving away... arrivederci !

a much-needed get-away...
in my daydreams, i'll be here often

thankful for my husband, for our life together, 
for the opportunity to travel, for our good God who loves us,
and for a tiny break from our fairly crazy reality

Love Linz


  1. How wonderful!!! Happy anniversary!!! Xoxo- Stephanie:)

  2. Superbes - Thanks for sharing Linz - Love -

  3. Wonderful! Cinqueterre is my favourite place! The best is Vernazza
    Good choice Tonio! Daniela