Saturday, 26 May 2012

Hot dogs and Colors

we had about 30 people in our home to celebrate Tonio's 30th birthday !

apartment barbecuing - not bad, huh?
this electric contraption is incredible

 the theme was hot dogs, sausage, beer and wear colors 

elodie, seb, nathalie

nasim and nancy

the rowdy corner

we love having a full living room

if you squint, you can see tonio in the back corner

morris and francis 

[photo by Pierre]
joyeux anniversaire tonio !!!
( do you like our colorful outfits? )

[photo by Thomas H.]
the brothers with tonio's new ukulélé

notes in the bathroom:
"Did you sign my card in the entryway?"  AND  "I can see you ! Hehe"

"Thanks for signing my card !"

Nancy and I had fun looking through old photos.

"Write your name on your cup.  Thanks."

"Something to drink?"

"Hi !"

"Enjoy your meal !"

a few months - 5 years-old

6 - 10 years

11 - 15 years

16 - 20 years

21 - 25 years

26 - 29 years

30 blessed years !

another display of memories in the living room

used an empty photo frame for a note to my chéri

some of his gifts: wetsuit, ukulélé and tools

 Seb, thanks for flying down from Paris.
Thomas & Maëva, thanks for driving down from Grenoble.
Chels, thanks for bringing the wetsuit over the Atlantic.
Everyone, thanks for your love for us, for Tonio.

Tonio, thanks for choosing me to be in your timeline.
Jesus, thank you for my husband and,
this crazy life together with You at the center.

Let the adventures continue !!!

--Love Linz

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