Monday, 7 May 2012


French Countryside

reminded us of Agoura Hills, California



Rob & Cricri's home 

over 1,000 vines 

La Sauvageonne 

poppies were everywhere 

welcome to Cotignac

Rob, Cricri, Chels, and Tonio 

we always seem to find the four-legged furries 

fat cat ... old wine presses 

shutters and blue sky 

local coop wine - some of R&C's grapes are in here

= rabbit 

= cheese 

i love spending time with family 

France does dessert well 

can you tell i like these plates? 

anudder doodie 

thank you Rob and Cricri 

we really enjoyed our day with you 

let's do it again sometime =)

--love Linz

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