Saturday, 22 January 2011

italy for the afternoon

tonio is the best husband
he met me at the train station after my french class on friday,
then we hopped on the train for a 45 minute ride to italy
 here is about 30 seconds of our journey - have fun
you can pause it, then wait for it to load
for a smoother viewing
 train to vintimille, italy
tonio on his iphone
i'm taking pictures
pretty classic
 villefranche, france
 i can see why so many take vacations to come to the south of france
 playing again...
 welcome to ventimiglia!
the italian way to say it
 a bit chilly, but gorgeous
 we walked up some stairs for a better view
 old par of town - the buildings are beautiful
 shutters make me happy
 italian coastline
 we're married!!!
just in case you forgot ;)
 not a bad view
sound italian?
sunset from the train on the way back home to nice

we hope you enjoyed your mini italian tour



  1. There is a surf spot on the picture italian coastline or actually two spots. In the distance you can see latte. and in the lower corner is "la falaise"
    that is probably the most consitent spot around.
    we have to go try it out some time

  2. Seb, I can't wait! Praying for your adventures =)