Monday, 20 March 2017

When Papa plays football...

Sometimes Tonio gets to play his football games at this amazing field right next to the beach... SOOOOO... I like to tag-a-long with my little beauty.  Sometimes we watch Papa.  This day we just hung at the beach.

Ready for the sun - sunscreen faces and trucker hats.

A little walk to visit a few stores before the match.

Papa joined us after their team won.  I don't want to brag, but I'm going to... my husband is pretty talented football player.

Teaching her the ways of the rock throwing into the water.

The wind up...

...and the release!


Sums up my life here on the French Riviera pretty well.

Visited another store after the match.  On instagram, I posted a comment like "Daphné testing the structural integrity of this portable football goal while Papa tries on a new pair of football shoes."

Then we found the tents... Oh boy!!!  We climbed in a bunch of them, then found this one.  It's a 3-bedroom deluxe "home."  Playing tea party... always! =)

Love Linz

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