Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Lunch with friends

At the beginning of 2016, I met 2 really sweet mamas (Maki and Ave) with kids around Daphné's age (Juli and Astor).  Since then we've gotten together pretty regularly.  It's been so much fun to see all the kids grow together.  They are finally at the age where they actually play "together," rather than "next to each other."

We've even done a couple meals with the husbands, too!  Here we are at Maki's home last Saturday!

Playing with snails and slugs.

Maki (Julie), Ave (Astor) and me and Daphné.

The whole gang with the husbands and Juli's older brother.  Astor wasn't so happy about us disturbing his rest. [Back row: Tonio, Daphné, me, Ave, Astor, Nami.  Front row: Maki, Juli, Arnaud, Toma.]

All the kids playing in the yard... so sweet to see them exploring their independence.

Astor and Daphné being silly on the couch.

There's the 3 musketeers.

Everyone cozy on the couch.

Daphné and Astor working together on a puzzle.

And here you can see a few pictures from the past :

Here is where their "friendship" began in January 2016.  Juli and Daphné sitting.  Astor crawling.  The other little girl and mama were also at the international mom meet-up when we all met.

And here they are in March 2016... too cute!

 Lunch at our home in April 2016.

Here they are in May 2016 on the couch at our favorite restaurant that is now closed... boo hoo!

Thanks again Maki for your incredible hospitality and delicious Japanese cuisine!

Love Linz

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