Monday, 2 January 2017

Post Sickness

The Hutchinson - Petrignani - Kahanowitch families were hit with the plague... the stomach flu!  8 out of 8 of us went down hard.  Tonio, my amazing, strong husband, seemed to miss the part of driving the porcelain bus (lucky!), but still went down for a couple days.

Anyways, after about 5 days of us dropping like flies, we started up normal activities again.  Enjoy a few photos from my phone.

Sliding with Grandma Kathy.

Chevy Silverado.

She prefers the trucks and jeeps.

And race cars.

Sleepy walk.

Pink babushka. 

Sleepy girl on Papa.

Transfer was successful.

Auntie Sarah and Uncle Tanner came over!!!  Here is Rowyn with Auntie Sarah and Daphné with Grandma.

Tree and cards.

The girlies with Auntie Chelsey.

Daphné and Harley, the polar bear Great Pyrenees.

The girlies with Grandma and a box of yummy Belgian chocolates from Tata Cricri and Tonton Rob in France!

Played hard.

Love Linz

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  1. I've heard a lot of euphemisms, but "driving the porcelain bus" was a new one for me. Sorry you were ill, glad you're feeling better, and thanks for the unexpected chuckle tonight. That nasty plague seems to be hitting in all sections of the world the past few weeks.