Thursday, 19 November 2015

Marathon 2015

So, you may have seen the hiking pictures... Well, this was just a mellow insane way to spend the day before a marathon, but now being married to one for 5 years, it's evident that the Petrignani men are no sissies!

Here are a few pictures from the Nice Cannes marathon that my husband and his bro ran together on the 8th of November (funky layout problems, sorry) :

Ready to run 26.2 miles / 42 kilometers.

About 15,000 runners!  Some running the whole, the half or a relay.

En route.

Running by the Antibes ramparts.

They finished in 3 hours, 57 minutes - under 4 hours, which was their goal.  A well-deserved dip in the sea after the finish line.

Daphné and I came to see them at the finish.

She's happy in her sandy element.

As you can see =).

Bravo Daddy and Uncle Seb!

Does it even look like they ran an entire marathon?!

The train ride back home = the entire route they run... I'm so amazed and proud of these guys!  They set a goal, stuck with it, stay disciplined in training and got 'er done.

Well done guys!  Antoine = Tonio.  Paul = Sebastien.

Here's a map of what they ran!  Crazy? Yes.  Impossible? Nope.  Proven.

Love Linz
(a proud wife and sis-in-law)