Sunday, 16 November 2014

Getting ready for baby

We last chatted a week ago.  I hope you have all had a great week.  Today, I have a few preparation and ultrasound pictures to share with you.

Washing all the baby clothes to be ready for baby P.  This is our "dryer."  And since it was raining like crazy, I combated humidity with a fan blowing them all day. =)  I won !

Assembling the baby bouncer and folding blankets and clean clothes {also removing batteries from annoying animal noise makers... haha... little P won't even know what he or she is missing.}

 What does a _______ say?

But my question is... what does the fox say?  HAHA !  If you don't get it, click this LINK to watch.  Be warned : you may feel a bit less intelligent in the end, but you will be up-to-speed on the pop culture fox song.

Here's baby P's right foot, I think.  7cm.

 And his or her ear.  2.9cm.

And the spine.  The doctor said that li'l munchkin is roughly 41cm long.

Here's an overview of the last ultrasound and our appointment with the midwife :

Baby is healthy and growing well.
85-90th percentile.
Roughly 2.2 kg (4.85 pounds).
Une grosse tête = "a big head."
Moves and kicks ALL the time {loves the bladder dance}.
Head down and probably won't move (this is a good thing).
Head a bit further down than the midwife would like.

Doing ok.  Have a little cold.  I've gained 14kg (31 pounds).
I am currently on bed rest for 3 weeks to keep the little tike in the oven.
Apparently, after 3 weeks, if baby P is born, he or she won't be considered premature.
Also, doc's orders - no more singing or leading worship until after baby comes.

He has been such a support to me and big help around the house.
He still talks to baby each night...
I think last night, he told him or her to be patient and not come out too early.
Prays often with me thanking God for our family.  {Makes me teary almost every time.}
He's also leading worship AND teaching on Sundays.

So, after all that, there's a possibility we could have an early December baby... or even a mid-January baby...  Tonio and I have prayed for God's perfect timing for this little one to enter the world and for my body to be ready for the delivery.  We are excited to be parents, what an honor and privilege and blessing.  And so I leave you with this...

Love Linz


  1. Wonderful Linz - It is incredible to see BB Petrignane like that - We are all impatient to welcome this new part of our family - Thanks again for sharing all these pics and to give us Mummy & Daddy'T news --Gros bisoux from both of us -

  2. Oh I will do my best, Linz - I just measured right now what represent 41 cms...oh waouh, not small. at all...I hope you will rest the most possible you can (english ??) as the midwife told you - I am thinking a lot of three of you- I will call during this week - Gros bisoux to share with T & BB...

  3. My little nephew was 3 weeks early--that cheeky one took us all by surprise of course, but all went well and he was the cutest little 3yo starting "la maternelle" last Sept. Here's a pic of him if you can see it Anyway may the Lord's hand be on you and your little one, may you two keep growing strong and ready for the big day! ^^ PS. I've a feeling it's going to be a boy :p just a guess. Lots of love from Aix en Provence, Sandra x

    1. Thanks for your note Sandra ! He's a cutie, great eye lashes ;) We're excited to welcome our little one into the world. Oh, and it's always fun when people guess the gender. We have some fully convinced that it's one or the other. We'll see the jour J. Bisous

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