Friday, 7 March 2014

Paris : People

After a great week in Paris, it's the people that I will remember most.  It was such a sweet time reconnecting with friends and spending time with family.

1) Paris : People
2) Paris : Nature
3) Paris : Buildings
4) Paris : Animals

 Corinne and I took the train from Nice to Paris together

 leading worship with Abby Dente

 Cathy Taylor from Calvary Fellowship in Seattle

 Shannon Woodward from Calvary Chapel Marysville north of Seattle

all the ladies (photo from Becky Dente)

 me and Darlene !!!

meet Darlene Mattox... I lived with her family in Cyprus - it had been over 4 and half years since we've seen each other - happy reunion (and yes, people think we are sisters)

 café au soleil with some gals

 sunset (me, Darlene, Becca, Caryn, Jennifer)

 a Cathy-Lindsey-Shannon sandwich

 Fedosie and her little man Noéalan

 getting the tour of Ismahan's stomping grounds

 Nancy, Corinne, Ismahan and me

 her church

 visiting freshly-married Elisa =)

Harry and Elisa - married one month ago - it was so fun to meet her husband

Alban !  the first time i met Sebastien's roommate 4 years ago, I didn't speak a lick of French - now we can communicate - ha!

 too much fun in the cemetery

lunch with Nancy and Sebastien before heading back to Nice

I'm so thankful for this time with all these special people in my life!  Of course, I wished my husband could have come had fun with us.

Love Linz 

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