Monday, 10 March 2014

my husband

Getting married is the BEST thing EVER, not only do you always have a friend with whom to share your adventures, one committed to you for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health - pour la vie, but you also have all rights to brag about your spouse...

So that's what I'm going to do... brag about my Tonio :

Wednesday night, when I arrived in Nice late after a 6-hour train ride from Paris, these beauties were waiting for me along with a note in French saying how much he missed me.  He might be a stinker, but he's a thoughtful, romantic, loving one ;)

And this is a screen shot of a website he designed.  If I were to show you the code behind it, you might go cross-eyed like me.  A black screen with lots of tiny green writing and hundreds of parentheses and brackets.  I know I married a very intelligent man, and it is projects like this that leave me completely in awe and thankful.

It says: "Welcome to - Here you will find the list of different Calvary Chapel churches in France."  It's already in the top 5 search on google, pas mal.

Voilà, I thank God for my wonderful husband.  He blesses me and so many others in ways I don't even think he's aware.  Thanks for reading the blog - we hope you enjoy it.

Love Linz


  1. Orf course ma LINZ - j'adooore lire ton blog - ill est toujours très bien fait et très intéressant...bisoux to share with T.

    1. Merci Cricri !!! Je suis contente que tu l'aimes bien ;) Gros bisous, Linz