Sunday, 17 June 2012

Dear Daddy...

I love you !


Happy Father's Day !
Love your Linz-o-matic

ps - to my other family members, 
namely Tanner and Chelsey, 
please forgive me for putting these "oh-so-flattering" photos online.
I'm glad we all grew out of our awkward stages.


  1. So great pics Linz - we love your Daddy

  2. LOVE these pictures! Your dad had some sweet hair do's!

    1. Oh Steph, he went through every stage... my particular UN-favorite was his straggly ponytail, as you can kind of see in his blue sweatshirt, 5th photo down - oh boy, there are no words. Chels and I sure made sure he knew how we felt about it ! HAHA. He's the best Daddy EVER.