Tuesday, 12 June 2012

church kitchen remodel

A really sweet couple at the church are moving
and gifted us with cupboards and a counter top.

Tonio was inspired.
His engineering/design brain stimulated.
Nancy and I jumped on board.

This is what we did yesterday and today...


BEFORE / In-Between / AFTER

 {my favorite addition: the LOOOOONG towel rack - so cool !}



and he even made a cute little home 
for the coffee and water pots...

...with recycled wood
he's so handy - I think I'll keep him around =)

We now have more usable counter top !
(a.k.a. more space to cut yummy desserts for after church)
Before we just had a piece of plywood 
and the top of an unused oven.

Spring cleaning is in the air.


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