Wednesday, 21 March 2012

work in progress

about 6 months ago, 
you saw this picture below on the blog post from September

21 September, 2011 - BEFORE

15 March, 2012 - AFTER
same wall after all the electrical work, putty, plaster and paint

and I'm proud to brag that my husband chose the color 
and had the idea to paint these cool stripes !!!

 getting closer - new carpet in the other room

pretty soon, children's ministry can meet back upstairs instead of the foyer of the church
please pray for this to be completed soon
tonio has been such a huge blessing in keeping the project moving forward

--Love Linz


  1. i LOVE the stripes! also. i received your letter; it made we laugh and cry :) love you, praying, will write soon! XOXO leah

    1. I will tell Tonio you like the stripes. Glad you got my letter. I really don't remember what I wrote, but it must have been good - haha ! Love you - can't wait to get another letter from you. Bisous, Linz