Tuesday, 17 January 2012

the outdoor market

in an attempt to do one thing every day that scares me a little,
i braved the outdoor market today...

with a wicker bag in hand,
fake ray bans, blonde wavy hair,
jeans, black vans, and a black coat,
i found les pamplemousses
(the grapefruit)

eyeing from a distance, so as not to look too interested,
i was caught off guard by the cute, old, 
weathered man behind the stand,
who must have smelled of onions and oranges:
"Bonjour, ma fille !"

how could one not buy grapefruits from the man who says:
"Good morning my little darling !"

as i continued around to other stands,
he actually had the best grapefruit deals
there you go - my morning in town
suckered in by the sweet-talker

{artist credit: Richard Shepard


  1. Bravo Linz pour toutes ces découvertes - il faut aussi que l'on se proméne ensemble un de ces jours aussi à Nice ou Antibes - A suivre - de gros bisouxx et bravo pour toutes tes investigations - Kikik

  2. Replies
    1. Me too Leah ! I stumbled upon it in google images when i typed in farmer's market. I wrote the artist for permission, and he seems really nice. You can tell when an artist loves what they do, like you ma belle =) love you, Love Linz

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