Saturday, 14 January 2012

10 more...

...why I like Nice, France

1.  happy yellow flowers in winter - les mimosas

2.  washing machine in the kitchen - very practical

3.  hanging laundry - very fun (for me, at least)

4.  fireworks !

5. Kebabs...mmmm

6. Les Soldes - big sales that happen twice a year

7. tax included

8.   international fruits and veggie section

9. grocery store bags - you bring your own

10.   polite manners

and i think nice, france likes me - ha !
let me know what you like about your town?



  1. Weather, beach, rainbow of people, every kind of food available, if it exists it can probably be found somehwere in L.A., did I say weather?, awesome coffee shops, most of my family's here, and finally I think...the weather!

    1. Why doesn't it say who I am? hmm...guess you'll have to figure it out :)

    2. would this happen to be my lovely cousin lisa? if not, who are you? you've got to be a cousin of mine, i'm sure

  2. i LOVE that bag!!!! must buy one when i come visit you ;) je t'aime!

    1. yes, isn't it cute leah? i found it in google images - haven't seen one around here, but there are lots of cute bags like that...i love you too !