Monday, 12 June 2017


If you read the last post, Hike, you saw that it was Tonio's birthday.  Well, his brother Sebastien's birthday is 9 days later (May 31), and we schemed with his girlfriend to plan a surprise visit!  It worked.  He had no idea we were coming.  It was a really fun week in Paris, Daphné's first time to the capital of her birth country.

In the airplane!

Someone is old enough to get her own seat now.

In the taxi on the way to Tonton Sebastien's home!

We made it. 

A little girl really loves her Tonton (which means uncle, by the way).

Family picture with a Parisian skyline.

Playing at a park in Paris.

Coffee Shop with the starlette.

She has no fun with him whatsoever.

Watering the garden (which led into a water fight).

Happy 32nd birthday Seb!  Maïna introduced me to the pastry financier... I thought she was taking us to a bank at first... Haha!  Still learning everyday, even after 6 1/2 years of being in France.

Daphné playing with a little friend she met along the Seine River.  If you know Paris a bit, you can see that Notre Dame is just in the background.

Playing on the climbing wall with Tonton.

Park with Papa.

I really liked this spinning play toy; so did she.

Hanging on Sebastien's terrace.

Exploring the cemetery Père Lachaise.

Her new favorite spot, papa's shoulders.

Don't bite me Tonton!


Oh, these two... how I do love them!

My new favorite family picture!!!

Little barefooty.

Daphné chillin' in the borrowed stroller.

She loved Maïna's shoes.

And Tonton's slippers.


At the park again... we did lots of park hopping.

Mexican food!

I was in heaven, what can I say?  Nice does not have any decent Mexican food, at least that I know of, so I was a happy camper with this burrito.  We went back another day, too =).

Now, she's in Maïna's boots.

Seen from Seb's terrace!  God's amazing and beautiful promise!

Daphné sandwhich between the brothers.


And more cheese!

So, talk to me about how French she is right now!  Pain au chocolat and wearing stripes.

More park fun.

Tonio built this cool table for his bro's apartment.  He's so talented with any building project.  I'm always so amazed and so proud of my husband.

Saying good bye just before getting into the taxi to the airport.

Thanks again Seb and Maïna for your hospitality!!!

Love Linz

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  1. Great photos and I just love the one of your little one being very French with her stripes and chocolate croissant! Hilariously Adorable!