Thursday, 29 June 2017

30-something weeks

Pregnancy update

Since I'm so confused about how to actually count the number of weeks... we'll just say today, I'm about 32-34 weeks along, depending if we are counting 'Merican style or à la française.  These two photos below are taken about 30-32 weeks along.

I've gained 13kg (about 29lbs) thus far.  With Daphné, I gained a total of 20kg (44lbs).  I still have time to gain some more - ha!  In any case, the weight actually doesn't bother me, except for that it hurts my feet and back.  The doctor said this guy will most likely be smaller than Daphné with a much smaller head - praise the LORD!!!

We are really looking forward to meeting him.  
It will so fun to see how different it is to have a little boy.

Love Linz


  1. We are impatient to meet Little Brother - You are a beautiful Mama, Linz- Love you

  2. We are *impatient* for meeting Little Brother - you are a wonderful Mama Linz - Love you