Sunday, 11 June 2017


For Tonio's 35th birthday (May 22), his brother Sebastien flew down from Paris to take him on a hike!  Here are a few pictures.  They took many more, but here is a small glimpse into the beauty around us, just a couple hours by car.

The beginning of the trail.

God in all His Majesty!

View from the inside of their tent.  Not bad!

Their home for the night.

Another view from where they camped.

Panorama shot of the tent and surroundings.

The Space Invader guy gets around =).

Tonio showing how far off the trail it was.

I'm so thankful my husband has such a great friend as a brother.  They are adventure buddies, for sure... hiking, snorkeling, fishing, boating... such a blessing!

Love Linz

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