Saturday, 13 August 2016

Pre-Austria Photo dump!

Hey guys, well, our family of 3 plus Papi and Mamie are off on a 10-hour road trip tomorrow to Austria!  Tonio and I met at this Calvary Chapel Western European missionary conference in 2009, so it's a special place for us.  We will be introducing Daphné to a new place and some new people.

Before we leave, I wanted to update you on what we've been doing.  I call this a photo dump.  There is no theme, just the last pictures I had in my phone and in my camera.


Sleepy girl with her pacifier and Pompn bunny.


Nectarine after the fountains.

Not bad for a small person.

Beach time.

Little surfer girl.

Another rough night.

Daddy's girl.

The cousins be like, "S'up?"

Beach picnic with Tonton.  Daphné sleeps.


Collecting rocks already.

Dressing herself.

Out at Mamie and Papi's house.

Stand-up paddling.  Seb.

Me.  Oh, how I love being on the water on a board.


And here's the 3 of us!

Rowyn and her French Tonton Sebastien.

She's got her peeps all contained.  We call Daphné a sheep herder, because she loves to have all her people accounted for.

Happy birthday Robi!  He let her help blow out the candle.

Big girl walking.

A visit from our friends in Grenoble.  Thomas, Maëva and Clément (10 months-old).

Glamour shots on her favorite slide.

She's so happy she can now walk around the park.

Here she goes!

Ah, how I love this little peanut.

Gidday up Lion!

And here, she was just standing in the middle of the park with her shirt up, patting her belly.  Ha.  Funny girl.

(And if you're interested, you can see the old blog post about Austria in 2009 here.  No, I didn't post pictures of Tonio... at that point, we were not really even a "thing", though I do believe we both knew we liked each other... girly giggles.)

Just for fun... here is a picture of us 2 days after we met.

So thankful I met this man!!!

Love Linz

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