Thursday, 25 August 2016

Austrian bliss

These photos are a little collection of the first couple of days in Austria.  Enjoy!

This is where we ate every morning at our incredible Pension in town.  I highly recommend Villa Margarethe if you are ever in Millstatt, Austria =).  We were treated like royalty in the presence of the princess Daphné... haha!

A beautiful walk through the woods from our Pension to the Castle.  We did this walk at least once, sometimes twice or 3 times a day.  A few times, we walked it in the dark by the light of our cell phone flashlights.  ;)

As blurry as blurry can be (you're welcome!), we are sitting in almost the exact place we were sitting together when we started liking each other.  God writes the coolest stories.  I'm so thankful He is the author of the Tonio-Lindsey love story!

Here are my notes from the first session by Brian Brodersen.

A tranquil walk along the sea.

And through the forest!

Two very special ladies, Cathy and Nancy, who were wooed by the Daphné spell.

Dusk view of the lake from the main hall in the castle.

Our Pension, Villa Margarethe.

Daphné slept well in Austria.  It could be that it was much cooler and there were much fewer mosquitoes.  Here she is doing her dream yoga.

A gathering of faithful saints, young and old, representing numerous countries and various trials and joys.

Breakfast.  This particular morning, we woke her up to come downstairs with us.  Hence the pajamas.

Walk into town with my man and my girl!


This picture is so special to me because... my sister and bro-in-law sent these little shoes to us before Daphné was born.  It's just so fun that they fit her now!!!

"Welcome to my Castle." - Princess Daphné with her Papi

Love Linz

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