Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Playing inside

A compilation of some indoor pictures :

Nothing like playing in the bidet.

Oooooo.... deodorant.

In Papi's arms.

Standing tall.

Strawberry face.

She's loving strawberry season.

Bathtub curlhawk.

She helps me scrub her head.

Kitty sitting Gnoshi.

A new furry friend.

Duck face.

We have quite an expressive stinker pot.


She leaves them on max 15 seconds.

Sleeping in.

Sweaty head.

Stroller sleeping.

Cupie doll.

In the big bed.

Watching soccer with Daddy.

She read herself to sleep.

Cute bandana.

Friends over for soccer.

My buddy Elodie.

Café cruisin'.


Love Linz

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