Wednesday, 4 May 2016

My mommy friends and their littles

I'm so thankful to have found an international moms group, from which I've made 2 really sweet mommy friends, Maki and Ave.

Here we are at Ave's little guy's first birthday party :

It was fun to meet all the husbands and more friends with kids.

Daphné slept through much of the festivities, but thanks to this fancy device, I could keep an eye on her in the next room. 

Making herself at home.

Maki's little guy Toma, another little girl and the birthday boy Astor.

Happy first birthday Astor!!!

The week after, I had the girls over to our place.
Maki & Juli, Ave & Astor, Me & Daphné.

A day at the park with Maki & Juli.

Maki giving Juli a piggyback ride.

Trying anything to keep a hat on this girl, even if it meant giving her mine.

She loves herself some park time.

Juli enjoying the yummy rolls her mommy made.

And here's a cute picture I received the same day from Ave.  She was enjoying the sun at the beach with her little guy Astor.

As you can see, Daphné is the hat rebel... grrr... I'm going to have to find a solution before summer.

Love Linz

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