Monday, 18 August 2014

visit to Roseville

to see my brother Tanner and his beautiful wife Sarah

leaving at 5am was very doable since my thoughtful dad made the pregnant lady a bed in the car - i woke up after the grapevine

 view out the back window

 there truly isn't much between LA and Sacramento

 7 hours later...  the new home of the 2 love birds

 we visited a museum on the history of Roseville - the railroads definitely put this place on the map

 and I tripped out at old school 3-D goggles

 Tanner : old meets new

 a model of the city from many years ago

 a replica of an bomb explosion in 1973; the train was carrying over 7,000 bombs for Vietnam

 dance class from an early 1900s high school year book

 the gang : me, mom, Tanner, Sarah, dad

 hey, no loitering


 my and my sis-in-law

 one of their doggies, Stella, in the backyard

 2 inspectors and a weeder in the front yard

 getting ready to go pannin' for them there gold nuggets pebbles flakes dust =)


 American river here we come... that tall bridge is apparently in many movies, including THIS ONE

 Tan and Sarah lead the way

we were so happy to get time with these guys in their new stomping grounds east of Sacramento

 classic - my dad holding coffee; my mom holding drift wood

 me and baby floating in the river

 my dad's turn

 the gold panners makin' us all rich - haha

 lunch break {yes, i'm wearing a napkin as a visor}

i think Sarah found the most gold flakes; i was surprised at how much we actually found... droughts = low rivers and lakes = more gold findings

 letting the bébé have some sun

 rock dancing as opposed to river dancing

 my cute mama and me


and here we are after a lovely day at the river

Thanks so much Tanner and Sarah for your hospitality and for showing us around your new home sweet home.

Love Linz (and Tim and Kathy)


  1. thanks again Linz for all these pics - very interesting & charming - nice to know where Tan & Sarah live. Love

    1. You're welcome Cricri - thanks for always reading the blog =)

  2. Really fun to see where they live. I'm so glad you were able to visit them!

    1. Me too Crystal. This was one of the hi-lights - Tan and Sarah seem really happy up there, and it's not TOO far away from Agoura.