Tuesday, 29 July 2014

the wedding

Félicitations Thomas et Maëva !!!




 the church

 ready to sing

we were honored and blessed to help with the music for their ceremony

singing in a catholic church sounds so angelic - i love the acoustics

 candle lighting

 Allume le feu qui ne s'éteint jamais...

 the beautiful newlyweds

 so happy for these guys

 view from our chateau (castle) room

pinterest, eat your heart out... well done with the decorations Maëva !!!  i think these rocks came from the beach in Nice... haha !

 the personal touch of the bride

and they even ordered a rainbow for their special day =)  thank You God for Your promise

 Tonio and Joseph setting up the reception

he cleans up nice, doesn't he?

 here they come ready to party

 brunch the next morning

 a little volleyball anyone?

i'm proud to say that Tonio back handed this one to the ground for a point

what a fun wedding all around... Thomas and Maëva, we will never forget this memorable weekend.  We love you guys.

Love Linz (and T)

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