Friday, 16 November 2012

still legal

round 2 !

today, we brought a stack of documents and photocopies to the préfecture
(French administration building)

after a chilly wait outside, 
then a mad dash to get into another line,
then waiting for our number to be called...

it was all worth it
(3 hours later)

you see that sweet paper above? - i get to stay another year
woohoo !!!

thank you Jesus
--Love Linz

ps - yes, i'm married to a French man
yes, it's seems silly to do all this paperwork every year
but hey, i really can't complain
i'm so blessed to be here with my handsome

definitely. worth. it.


  1. Waouh ! so sorry you have to go through all these formalities even being married with the best french guy - but as you said "Ouf !you got it"
    Thanks God-