Tuesday, 28 June 2011

another top 10 list

more reasons why i like Nice, France...

1)  jeans fit me really well here
     (les jeans me vont bien ici)

2)  rollerblading along the mediterranean sea
     (faire du roller au bord de la mer) 

3) the smell of croissants in the morning from the bakery downstairs
(l'odeur des croissants le matin de la boulangerie en bas)

4)  mini cantaloupe
     (des minis melons)

5)  free newspapers
     (des journaux gratuits)
6)  festivals, fairs, concerts
     (des festivals, des foires, des concerts)

7)  Calvary Chapel Nice

8)  the pigeons tap dancing on our terrace roof
     (les pigeons qui font des claquettes sur notre toit de terrace)

9)  the kitty cats in our apartment courtyard
       (les chats dans notre cour d'appartement)

10)  sunshine and blue skies !
     (du soleil et des ciels bleus)

thank you Jesus for my new life here with my husband!
(merci Jésus pour ma nouvelle vie ici avec mon mari)



  1. i like #1 and #3 especially... #8 cracks me up!

  2. So much to be thankful for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Leah, I got your letter and postcard - thank you!!! I knew you would appreciate the jeans thing, Miss tall and thin ;)...and the pain au chocolat - no words - yep, the pigeons have pretty frequent tap dancing conventions - it's hilarious to me - Tonio giggles a little, more at me because I get such a kick out of it - love you Leah!

    Stephanie, I agree!!! God is so good all the time. I found myself missing lots from home, so Tonio and I decided making these lists would be good for me - it totally changes my perspective - love you and your whole huge family =)