Thursday, 25 May 2017

Pregnancy update

Hello everyone!
Thanks for visiting the blog.  I realize it's not super intuitive to click over here and see what's going on, so thanks for making the effort.  I think social media, in general, has made us all a bit lazy, and I'll be the first to raise my hand as guilty.  Thus, I try to keep the blog relatively updated.

This post is a baby belly progress picture.  We consider it a grace that this little boy is growing healthy and strong.  All continues to go smoothly with him.

I'm doing well emotionally and psychologically (praise the Lord!), really trying to mentally prepare for the arrival of our fourth family member as best as I can.  With Daphné, I had pretty bad depression during the pregnancy... so many unknowns, lots of anxiety, difficulties being far from my family and familiar things...  With this one, on the other hand, I have a better toolbox to deal with things and squelch depressive thoughts faster.  It's been a night and day difference!

Physically, I'm healthy.  I've just been having some back and hip pain linked with nerve issues.  Have you ever had your sciatic nerve pinched?!!!  Aye caramba!  Thankfully, I saw the doctor, and he told me how to avoid it.  I see a physical therapist who told me I'm not allowed to pick up Daphné EVER in this last trimester.  Thus, I have had to change many habits in my daily routine with her, and Tonio is always so wonderful to help always.  Don't worry, I can still cuddle and snuggle her as much as I want while sitting down =).

Thanks for following our little family in this journey of life.  Life can be hard.  I'm just so thankful to have my Tonio and Daphné to adventure with me.

Love Linz

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