Thursday, 16 February 2017

Happy Birthday Cricri!

Daphné's middle name, Christiane, comes from a very special lady, her Tata Cricri (Christiane, aka "Kikik")!!! And this is how we celebrated 75 years of her life! [side note : Cricri is Papi Pierre's older sister.]

January 24, 2017

First Daphné and I did some crafts to create her birthday card.

Coloring the "7."

Distracted by outlining our feet.

Now distracted by playing with crayons in our toes.



A little bday sign.

Daphné is such a great picture-poser.

And voilà, the card.

A pop-out card.

Who wouldn't love a Daphné pop-out card?!

Decorations at Pierre and Nancy's.  [Note: Tonio and Pierre were gone in Austria this week.]

Hanging the signs.

Fun flags!

Me with the birthday girl!

Mamie, Rob, Cricri and me.

Rob helping Daphné with a project... she's always got one up her sleeve.

Rob, the bubble machine man.


 She plowed right through the wall of bubbles.

Enjoying a bit of January sunshine.

Drawing with Robi.

 The birthday princess with Mamie Nancy.

Daphné thought these candles were for her.

A very yummy cake from a local bakery.

Daphné is quite excited!

And Cricri let her blow out the candles for her!!!  What a joy!

Another angle of the decorations.

Watching some French nursery rhyme cartoons.  Cricri was singing right along ;).

We love you Tata Kikik!!!
We are so blessed by your life and your presence in ours.

Love Linz (&Daphné)

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