Saturday, 13 July 2013

octopi and octopuses

So, it seems to be a theme lately,
these 8-tenticled creatures...

A couple weeks ago I got some really cool postcards in the mail 
from a fun family member.

 "Monsieur Dubois on the beach"

"Jo le Révérend"
{If you look closely, there are little men battling in his hat}

No picture for this next octopus story
but our friends recently went on their honeymoon to Corsica.  
One ordered "Poulpe" thinking it was "Poulet" (Chicken).  
To their pleasant surprise, out came octopus on a platter.
They laughed and left it on its platter - HA !

And probably my favorite octopus snippet was last night...

Sebastien and Tonio were snorkeling, and Seb found 2 octopi/octopuses.
I got to hold the second one,

and all I could do was giggle and say,

"It's very sucky !"
{like the character Elf in the mail room - ha}

My first time holding an octopus, and boy are they fascinating creatures.
Thanks for reading - hope you enjoyed.

Love Linz


  1. ah ah ah marrantes tes histoires de poulpes Linz. Nous on les adore "grillées au bbq" ... A mardi
    gros bisoux to share with T.

  2. they're tasty too! being reminded of a spicy korean octopus dish... well, half reminded... something "bokkeum" - rhymes with yum!

    sandra x

    1. My yum rhymes with something different, and it's not octopus (but, I must say, I've never tried this Korean dish so who knows, I might love it - ha)